Friday, March 29, 2013

Live and Let Fuck Equal Rights Necklace

I had to look it up - sadly I had no idea who sang Live and Let Die originally, although I prefer it to the Guns N' Roses rendition. Axyl Rose has always given me nightmares.

If I were to do a cover of this song, I would tweak it a bit in light of the current political debate:

Live and Let Fuck.
Fuck it.

I've wanted to make something to represent my belief that everyone should be allowed to love whoever the fuck they love (they already do anyway!) but the idea of making a "special" symbol or design seemed to contradict that plan. Why should it be different, when the whole point is that people are all (wildly different yet still) the same?

The heart is a universal - if anatomically incorrect - symbol of love. So here it is: live and let fuck. Handmade bronze pendant on sterling silver chain, now on Etsy. Where they won't let me say fuck. 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fuck Rules

I am so fucking tired of people insisting that other people should not have the same rights they enjoy.

Marriage. It existed long before Christianity and other modern religions took hold of it. It is the most personal - and one of the most fucking important - decision anyone will make. Who you make a home with, who you wake up with. And guess what - YOU DON'T GET TO CHOOSE FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

Choose for yourself. Enjoy your life. It will be much more enjoyable if you aren't constantly worrying about what other fucking people are doing. Even if they are fucking people who you don't think they should fuck. Because: YOU DON'T GET TO CHOOSE FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

It isn't that fucking hard. Or is it? I'm reading a book about neuroscience right now. Apparently there is a disorder, Anton's syndrome I think it is called, where people go BLIND but their brains don't believe it. That's right, we have so much data stored away, that the brain can construct a reality that has NOTHING to do with what is currently happening. And the brain will absolutely refuse to believe anything other than its own reality.

A doctor can tell the patient to close her eyes. She will close only one, but insist both are closed. Then he'll ask her to look in the mirror. She'll do it. Then he'll ask if she can see herself. She says yes. Then he asks if it makes sense that she can see herself if BOTH HER EYES ARE CLOSED.

At that point the patient will just ignore the doctor. The brain can't make sense of the two concepts so it ignores it.

I feel like that's where our society is in regards to gay rights. The people who are the most fucking insistent that personal freedom is the top priority cannot comprehend the fucking logical fallacy of restricting the rights of others. It is FUCKED.

Today's universal symbol of supporting the right to marry. This version is glittered up courtesy of Tiffany Patterson's Art. Check her out. And check out the FYeah Jewelry Etsy shop - now open!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fuck Grocery Shopping

Fuck yeah, we're open everyday. So says this vegan grocery in Portland, Ore. Every fucking day. Which is pretty fucking awesome, if you ask me.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holy fuck it's fucking jewelry

I'm finally doing it. Finally saying fuck it all and just making things because they make me happy. I really thought making fuck jewelry would be a silly phase I would snap out of once I made a few pieces. 

But no. Fuck no. This is fucking awesome. It is so fucking fun! Holy fuck it is FANTASTIC!

As someone who has spent her life doing what she "should" do, and trying so fucking hard to avoid upsetting people, it is pretty fucking great to just let go of that nonsense. I still don't aspire to offend people. Rather, I'm uniting with all the people who, like me, say fuck when something is great, or terrible, or exciting, or scary. If you don't fucking like it, then go buy your jewelry at Hobby Lobby or Sears. We all have choices.

But if you're fucking with me, stay tuned. The Fuck Yeah! Jewelry Etsy shop and Facebook page are in the works.