Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fuck the Buddha

'Fuck the Buddha' may sound just like something some asshole radio host would say to get a rise out of people, but it isn't really what it seems. 
Repeat after me: "If you see a Buddha quote on Facebook, don't assume it is real." (Actually, it would be safer to not believe anything on FB. But I'm trying to focus on a single topic!)

Everyday more quasi-spiritual quotes are circulated. Thorns don't turn into flowers. Seeds turn into flowers. Everyone knows that. Poor Buddha isn't around to defend himself (not that he'd feel the need to, necessarily) but there are entire websites dedicated to the cause. At least most of the fake quotes come close to the lessons actually attributed to Buddha. Plenty of FB quoticisms (I'm calling it a word) are either fabricated entirely or attributed to the wrong person. 

Facebook is full of them.
But I digress. This post is really about something strange that happened recently:

The little Buddha statue that sat on my nightstand somehow fell in the middle of the night. I heard a strange ceramic/metallic clash, but didn't realize until morning that he had been decapitated. Maybe my dog knocked it over. Maybe somehow I hit it in my sleep. I'm not usually superstitious, but beheading Buddha felt like a bad omen. A really, really bad omen. So bad that maybe I should just stay in bed that day.

But then I remembered the saying "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him," and realized my suicidal statue is symbolic in a different way. (Read more about the koan here if you are interested.)

It totally fits with what I've been experiencing lately. The more honest I have been about what I really don't give a fuck about, the more the things I do care about naturally take priority, and the easier life gets. Looking to an outside figure for approval, even one as cute and cuddly and wise as the Buddha, has just never worked for me. So, off with his head!

Part of me still cringes at the violence of that statement even, but his head already off. No use feeling attached to how it used to be! (Wah wah. Terrible.)

Then today a friend, who happens to have a very strong Christian faith, asked me to make her a "Jesus Fucking Christ" charm, because it is "not only profane and offensive, but sacrilegious for the hat-trick!" I love her.

If only the "fun"damentalists could have a little fun and not take everything so seriously, maybe people could stop killing each other over religion? There's a fucking thought. Deep thoughts, fuck jewelry. Everything relates to everything.