Friday, August 30, 2013

Fucking Busy

I haven't forgotten about you bloglandia - I've just been fucking busy!

I took a long road trip, spent a couple of weeks in yoga teacher training, fell in love, got engaged and am now in the process of moving and planning a wedding. And a honeymoon. And selling my house. Fuck.
But I'm still making fucking jewelry.
A couple of weeks ago I did the Garland Street Fair and had so much fun talking to people. Fuck jewelry brings people together, I'm telling you. There was a woman who bought one of these key chains for her husband as anniversary present because she swears, he doesn't (I know how that feels!).
I love you so fucking much. I fucking love you. --- What can I say, I've turned into a sap. Fucking love.

And soon - like next week soon - FYeah Jewelry will be available at the best handmade fashion shop on Garland, Glamarita. More details soon! But for now, it is all Etsy. Fuck yeah ;)