Monday, September 16, 2013

Give a Fuck - or Don't

My friends and customers have the best ideas.

Since I first started FYeah Jewelry, I've been wearing my best fucking affirmation bracelet. It features all the fucking charms that are personally meaningful to me. Or at least the ones I've made thus far. There will be more. 

'Don't give a fuck' is an important one for me. We each only have so much life, love and energy to give. Why waste it? How often do you get drained by the strain of doing what is polite or tedious, simply out of habit? Identifying what I truly don't give a fuck about gives me the space I need to focus on what really matters.

Which brings me to Michelle's recent request for a 'Give a Fuck!' pendant. It is the perfect and necessary counterpoint to my 'don't give a fuck' ethos. That's only half the story. You also have to be passionate about the things that matter to you. 

Education and photography are big in Michelle's world. I recommend following her photography biz, MG-B Photo, on Facebook - she creatively captures people at their best. And if you're in Tacoma looking for a photographer, well, here you go! Michelle fucking rocks!

I'm always happy to make custom orders; in fact, I prefer it! All you have to do is click on the blue "Request Custom Order" button on the left side of my FYeahJewelry Etsy shop to get the ball rolling. Now go give a fuck about something! Or don't. It is your choice.