Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Calm the Fuck Down

The other day while hiking, my husband asked me what I would tell all the people of the world, if I could tell them all just one thing.

My answer: Calm the fuck down. (If you are pre-occupied while stomping down the trail, you aren't going to notice the roundest, reddest little ladybug chilling beside you.)

I know "keep calm and carry on" is the conventional wisdom - spawning some 30,000+ entries on Etsy (Keep Calm and Love Orcas, Keep Calm and Drink Coffee, Keep Calm and Get does.not.end. It is almost as bad as the Got Milk? craze. No, I don't Got Milk. Or Jesus. Or a clue as to why this phrase is do pervasive. I'm getting worked up...better calm the fuck down about stupid marketing catchphrases!)

Anyway - I much prefer calm the fuck down. It is more powerful, and is probably the most helpful thing I tell myself. You could call it my mantra. Plus, there are less than 10 items on Etsy featuring this wisdom, including my bronze calm the fuck down necklace.

I want this throw pillow for my couch.

Basically, calming the fuck down is the key to life. Meditation teaches this. Yoga teaches this. Religion (usually) teaches this. All type of learning requires calming down and focusing on the task at hand. Just so happens my task is to make some more fucking jewelry.

But - Got Fuck? I think that is one fuck phrase I will *not* be making.