Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I fucking love you!

Wow, FYeah Jewelry might have the most listings on Etsy for I fucking love you!


Why? Because every time someone buys or receives one of my I fucking love you or We fucking love you gifts, it means the amount of love (and laughter!)in the world is increasing.

 Yes, I can be a total fucking sap.

If you don't like it, fuck off ;) Handmade with fucking love.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I fucking love you Dad!

Truth be told, my dad is old school and would not be pleased with an "I fucking love you Dad!" keychain, no matter how sincerely offered.

But plenty of other people - you know who you are! - have dads who would totally appreciate a handmade gift that tells them how much you love them for Father's Day.

After a Mother's Day request, I've starting making my FYeah keychains in two forms - "I fucking love you!" and "We fucking love you!" That way you can go in on a gift with your siblings (or spouse/partner/terrier/pygmy hedgehog) or choose to one-up them by choosing the perfect gift all by yourself.

Save by buying both keychains as a set - maybe for their anniversary? Or just because? 

Father's Day doesn't have to be a boring holiday. This year, make dad's day FUN! Show him how much you love him, and have a laugh at the same time. Win win!

And, since I mentioned pygmy hedgehogs, check out this video of a kitten meeting a ph. You might die of cuteness. Don't go to YouTube and watch more hedgehog videos unless you can afford to disappear for a week.