Saturday, July 26, 2014

I like turtles

Maybe you like turtles, too. Maybe not. Either way, that's ok. We each have a right to our own opinions.

But damn, I've been feeling massively annoyed lately at how women are losing ground in this country. Yeah, I'm looking a you, old men of the Supreme Court.

One bright spot for me was discovering SaturdayChores on Tumblr.

It has been called satire, but I think it is just a great reality check. Really, someone's opinion about what another person should do with her body is about as random as telling her how awesome pet turtles are.

Unless it is your uterus or your home, you don't get to decide who lives there. Why is this so hard to understand? We each have a complicated life of our very own. Do the best you can with whatcha got and let other people do the same.

For kicks, I made a treasury list of turtle stuff on Etsy. I know nobody gets the joke, and that's ok.

But really, please, get the fuck out of:
  1. The way of women taking care of their health
  2. Other people's private affairs
End rant. Enjoy your weekend chores. :)

GTFO bracelet by FYeahJewelry on Etsy.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm not fired

My kiln stopped working.

The fix is relatively simple, but I have to wait for the replacement parts to arrive.

I think I need this bag from KnotworkShop on Etsy.

I make fucking jewelry, and now I can't. But with the goal of being a fucking professional, I'm offering 20% off orders placed through 7/31, as long as you understand that I can't make custom pieces for about a week. If you're ok with that, then you can score a deal! I hardly ever do coupons. Unlike department stores that mark up their shit before putting it on sale, I just offer fair prices for the fucking "unique" jewelry I make.
So! Code is KILN14. 20% off. Fuck yeah!