Monday, September 8, 2014

Smart Women Say It

I started FYeah Jewelry for fun. It was completely different than my other jewelry, and completely different than the saccharine affirmations that I felt our culture was (is!) drowning in.

But the longer I make F-Bomb jewelry, the more important it feels.

It is important to tell the people you love that you really fucking love them.

It is important - especially for women - to speak up about what is fucked in the world, to celebrate what is awesome, and to not have their opinions silenced or made pretty all the time.

It is important to take ourselves seriously, but not too seriously.

Smart women say fuck. Its true. And plenty of smart women choose not to say fuck - at least not out loud. That's ok too. What bothers me is when people get so hung up on the word, that they miss the meaning. Or get so flustered by the idea of a woman saying something "vulgar" "wrong" or "offensive" that they lose their freaking minds.

Fuck is truth, y'all. Or as one of my friends first described my jewelry, "it's like a meditation. Fuck brings you to the present moment."

What can I say: my friends are smart women.