Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Fucking New Year!

A few weeks ago, with no real planning on my part, I made "Merry Fucking Christmas" ornaments for my FYeahJewelry Etsy shop. Almost immediately, a custom requested this set:
Fuck all the days.
Actually, she requested the first four. I added the happy fucking birthday because, well, wouldn't you? 

I really cannot overstate how much I love my customers. They are the fucking BEST. Although, even with their help in looking towards future holidays, I still find myself here on Dec. 26th just now remembering to list the Happy Fucking New Year! key chain on Etsy. Fuck.
happy fucking new year key chain
I tried using a balloon to edit the text, per Etsy's rules, thinking
that it would look festive. It looked like sperm. :/

I've written before about how, if I was in charge, I'd command everyone to just:
Just try it. You'll like it.

But as we head into 2015, I'm going to update my advice to this:
show a little fucking compassion

Let's be nicer to each other. Not fake nice: I'm talking REAL FUCKING COMPASSION. Just a little. For yourself as much as anyone else.

Happy fucking new year!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Merry Fucking Christmas!

Merry Fucking Christmas.

As with most everything, I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas.

I love giving and receiving gifts. I love time with family and friends. I love winter. I love making things that end up as gifts.

I hate mass, crass consumerism. I hate waste.
My "environmental outrage" charm bracelet. 

And I HATE shopping malls that blast "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" throughout the entire parking lot when it is 70 degrees and sunny! Southern California, you have many wonderful things, but winter is not one of them!!

Ah, ok now. So. Gifts. Great. Love 'em. But this?

First, there are 15 days till Christmas. Hardly "last minute" by my definition. And then ... the ENTIRE STORE is on sale. So basically, any time you have ever bought something that wasn't on sale, you overpaid. And lastly, the fine print. "Up to" 60% off. So the degree of discount varies widely.

I love a deal as much as the next person, but I hate being tricked and having prices marked up just so they can be artificially marked down again.

Selling is a struggle for me. Even my own damn creations, which I fucking love. Because I really believe:
  • You should not buy more than you need.
  • You should only buy what you really love.
  • Retail craziness is destroying the world.

Yes, you could argue that by making and selling anything, I'm a hypocrite/human. But gifts really are wonderful. Art really is wonderful. You can shop and give and celebrate without being destructive. Which I feel like people who shop from us little guys are making an effort at doing. So thank you. 

And as a side note - if you're buying from an individual artist/crafter/maker - chances are their prices are already too low. I understand the urge to discount everything, but oh my FUCK I wish people would stop racing to the bottom. 

I do offer discounts for repeat customers and large orders. I truly appreciate everyone who uses their hard earned dollars to purchase some of my handmade work. 

But 60% off the entire store? It ain't fucking going to happen. Although I did price my "Merry Fucking Christmas" ornament at about half my normal price. And put a discount code in my shop heading for orders over $75.

Happy fuckin' holidays!!