Friday, February 6, 2015

Fuck Love ... Love Fuck? Two sides to every holiday

Hola bloglandia!

Somehow January flew by without a word from me. And here it is, a week into February already, and Valentine's Day is only a week away. 

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Ok, back to Valentine's Day. For many, it is the time to say I fucking love you! to our significant others.
i fucking love you key chain handmade etsy
I fucking love you! key chain - a perfect Valentine for guys and girls alike.
And lots of us also celebrate Galentine's Day (thank you Amy Poehler/Leslie Knope) on February 13.

Galentine's is the perfect time to say I fucking love you, bitch! to our besties.
i fucking love you bitch best friend gift
I fucking love you, bitch! key chain. From FYeahJewelry on Etsy.

I love the love aspect of Valentine's Day. Everyone should get some love, in some form.

But the focus our culture puts on romantic love is really quite fucked up. A conversation with a friend the other night really drove that point home to me. She was describing how once a year, she meets up with a long time friend. And no matter what new and exciting developments have occurred in her life - vacations, pets, promotions, events - the friend only cares about one thing. "ARE YOU DATING ANYONE????"
fuck love necklace handwritten copper and pink crystal
Fuck Love necklace with crystal heart - copper handwriting jewelry on Etsy.

We are more than our relationships. You don't have to have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a spouse, a partner or whatever else you'd like to call it in order to be a worthwhile human being. And even if you think you are just showing that you care about your friend's happiness by asking - you're not. You're implying that they are missing something. But look back on your own life - weren't there times when NOT being in a relationship was the perfect thing? And times when your main relationship was the most important thing? Or even if you were miserable when single, realize other people are not like you! And that's ok!  

equal opposite reaction love
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Eleanor Roosevelt's quote that "no one can make you feel bad without your permission" is true. It is likely that this friend has no idea that she is being hurtful, and that she speaks from her own insecurities, not any real knowledge of the other person. But at the same time, I think she - and the rest of us - should try a little harder to be supportive of our friends instead of so damn critical. Try listening. Then ask questions about the topics your friend actually is excited about. 

Valentine's Day should be about sharing the love, not flaunting relationship status or pitying people who are in a different place (which was probably a quite happy place until the fucking comparisons set in).

So, love fuck. Or fuck love. It is your fucking choice. 

Fuck yeah!