Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hola Mars! Let's Run with it, Fucker!

Hola, Mars! (aka March - we received a Swedish calendar for Christmas, and March is Mars. I'm running with it, because I think the planets have been fucking with me lately - Mercury Retrograde! - and because by saying "I'm running with it," I'm creating a very long but eventually on point segue into my topic for March - RUNNING!)
A few weeks ago, I received a custom request through my Etsy shop for a key chain that said simply RUN FUCKER! As you can imagine, this totally made by day. I laughed as I made it, as I polished it, as I packaged it and finally mailed it.
run fucker key chain marathon motivational gift
Run Fucker! key chain. Motivational gift for marathon runners.

But the joy would continue, for a couple of weeks after THAT, the recipient of this key chain posted a comment on my FYeahJewelry Facebook page:
"Received it yesterday in the mail!! LOVE IT!!  My friend yelled this too me as i was running the Shamrock Marathon. It became our catch phrase!!"

Isn't that awesome? Friends who scream RUN FUCKER as you are RUNNING A FUCKING MARATHON are the type of friends I love. 

Of course, I don't run marathons. I fucking hate running. Although I gave it a shot for awhile. I even joined a running club (the Flying Irish in Spokane, WA) - mostly because they met at an Irish bar. And because I had a friend who was willing to walk alongside me when my side cramped up. I've run a few 5Ks and I totally love the feeling *after* I run. The post-run glow is fucking awesome. But I've found less painful ways to get that runner's high. So I leave the running to the true running fanatics. 

But - speaking of the Flying Irish - St. Patrick's Day is almost here. I don't think the standard "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" is good enough anymore. I think the Irish should own their reputation for intensity and say either "Fuck off, I'm Irish" or "Fuck me, I'm Irish."
fuck irish gifts fucking irish key chains
Decisions, decisions.
For the past couple of months, Southern California has been really green, and the past week especially rainy. It is a huge relief to this Pacific Northwest girl - rain is natural! It makes things grow! Green is good! But the people here really don't know how to cope with a little "bad" weather. 

gary fisher sugar mountain bike in green grass
Wild green grass - highly exotic around here!
Meanwhile, much of the country is still covered in snow and ice. I feel for you, I really do. So, I'll end this rambling post with my version of an Irish blessing:

May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.
May you be blessed with tons of that famous Irish luck
And if not then at least learn not to give a fuck.

Yep, that's my motto this month. Be a Giver of No Fucks.

I love that this giver of no fucks is obviously a generous friend! And I'm donating $5 from each sale of this design to the Downtown Women's Center to benefit the homeless in Los Angeles.
Admittedly, I have quite a ways to go, but I aspire to be a Giver of No Fucks. Not in a mean way - just in the not letting others throw you off your game way. Looks like I'm not the only one. And for that I am glad, despite Mars/March being the month of mad. ;)