Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Compliments are fucking awesome

I hit a milestone today: one hundred 5-star reviews in my Etsy shop. I feel so happy and loved.

Which is what my shop is all about - sharing the fucking love. Yet I've struggled with promoting my shop, probably because it can feel like self promotion and narcissism. Advertising feels so ... empty. Even on social media. I never click on paid links - so why the fuck would I expect my customers to click on my ads? (Short answer: I don't.)

My goal in creating jewelry (and yes, fucking key chains) is personal connection. I value working with my hands, making tangible things. And I've totally fallen in love with getting to be a part of my customer's stories - their loves, their families, their friends. It is only people who you are really fucking close to that you can share FYeahJewelry with. I love that.

And let's be honest - getting compliments just feels fucking great. So with the twin goals of needing to promote my shop and wanting to help more people feel the awesomeness of a sincere fucking compliment, I'm starting a win-win-win program today on Facebook.

Every Wednesday, I'll post a picture of a key chain I'm giving away. To enter to win, tag a friend or loved one who you feel that way about.  They instantly win by seeing that you think they are fucking awesome, or that you fucking love them (or whatever that week's message is). I win by getting some exposure for my shop. And then one of the tagged people wins the key chain for real. I'll mail it anywhere (although that might change if suddenly my fan base moves overseas. But that would be a fun problem to have.)

The fine print:
A minimum of 20 people need to get tagged for the give away to occur.
You can tag as many people as you want, but they must be different people (don't just tag your BFF 20 times - it will only count as one entry).
The random winner will be picked on the following Monday.

What do you say? Are you in?

(The response I'm looking for is FUCK YEAH!)